By all accounts, the New York Mets head into Friday morning as the betting favorites to land right-handed starter and reigning National League Cy Young Award winner Trevor Bauer.

Initial estimates have the 30-year-old fetching close to $100 million over three years. That’s a hefty investment with an equally massive amount of risk attached to it.

Bauer’s 3.90 career earned run average doesn’t necessarily scream long-term, lucrative contract offer.

Though, the 3.18 ERA and 11.6 fWAR he’s posted since 2018 (11th and sixth in MLB over that span, respectively), and specifically his 1.73 ERA, 0.79 …

New York Mets backstop Wilson Ramos is no defensive whiz — this is not news — but he’s trying to change that.

The 32-year-old Venezuelan product had a fine first year in Flushing, especially at the plate, slashing .288/.351/.416 with a glowing 13.2% strikeout rate — 12th among all qualified MLB hitters; go ahead, read it again — and respectable 105 wRC+ with 14 homers, 19 doubles, 73 RBIs over 524 plate appearances.

The Buffalo’s offensive output in 2019 was not his problem. Ramos’ defensive inefficiencies behind the dish — most glaringly his subpar framing skills — were. …

My biggest regret in life is fucking up school. I was a good student, I just lacked focus in high school (wonder why..) and lost interest from there.

I guess I consciously knew what I was doing at the time - only making things harder on myself in the future - but I had time to figure everything out, right?

I was 18. I'll make some money for a few years, have some fun, and figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

I always knew I could write, but never thought I could hang with the…

Honestly, I wish I knew where I found this image. Thank you to whoever created it!

The 2019 season is rapidly approaching. Once the New York Mets pull back the curtain, with or without a major addition to the current roster, we’ll see whether Brodie Van Wagenen has put the right twist on this team.

The fans are more than prepared to declare party time in Flushing in 2019. Sure, there’s more to be done, but there’s plenty of sand left in the hourglass.

It won’t come free, but if World Series titles are going to continue to arrive in Queens at the rate of Halley’s Comet, this might take a while.

The Mets signed Wilson…

To me, Manu Ginobili epitomizes selfless play. Egos play a pretty big part in all forms of sport. The NBA is no different.

Talent will take a player a long way. Sound fundamentals, along with genius-level basketball IQ and a liberal spritz of the clutch gene will take a player to Springfield.

Ginobili’s career stats (1,057 games, 45 percent shooter, 2.9 three-pointers per 100 possessions, 7.2 rebounds per 100, 7.8 assists per 100, and 27.5 points) provide enough clear evidence of just how impactful of a player he has been.

But now that the 41-year-old’s career has come to a…

I recently had the chance to speak with New York Times best-selling author, Jeff Pearlman.

Jeff’s new book, Football For A Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL hits shelves tomorrow.

The USFL was a league of spread out offenses, run-and-gun gameplans, and a surplus of gunslingers, in addition, of course, to the actual San Antonio Gunslingers.

The league didn’t survive more than three seasons, but the style of play, in my personal opinion, opened up the floodgates for an offensive revolution from Pop Warner to the NFL.

No longer would the NFL’s ground-and-pound, cookie-cutter style of…

We at #MetsFansUnited have heard the skepticism. We’ve heard the doubt. We know we’re up against a monster.

But we also understand that this is all a natural part of the process of making a significant change in an arena where we would be considered the ultimate underdogs.

We’re Mets fans. We dig underdogs.

There will always be doubters. There will always be a faction of fans who are content with the status quo and are averse to rocking the boat.

We’re happy to be the boat-rockers. All we need is your support.

No matter what your opinion is of…

A brief introduction… Today on Twitter, I shared a notion that my 8-year-old daughter shared with me while watching SpongeBob SquarePants this morning.

And I quote…

She thinks Sandy is running from something in Texas…she did something terrible.”

A friend (Christina Cola) mentioned the idea of a Sandy Origins-type story. I was immediately inspired.

Below is my (concerningly dark) imagined story of Sandy Cheeks’ final hours in Texas before heading to Bikini Bottom to begin a new life. Enjoy.

She had simply had enough. The goods outweighed the bads from day one, but she loved him.

Sandy always saw the…

The direction of this franchise took a nose-dive a long time ago and with each passing press conference, it seems that we still haven’t made ground-impact yet.

After nearly a decade of simply appearing to put forth a championship effort, a culture change has become an absolute necessity.

A fundamentally sound organization conducts operations (business and baseball, alike) in a manner conducive to the betterment of the on-field product, ultimately.

In most successful professional sports franchises, ownership hands the keys of the on-field operations to a person or group of people who they trust to turn their system into a…

Every single baseball card tells a story.

Whether it’s the font on the front of the card itself, the uniform the player is wearing in it, how tight or loose-fitting that uniform may be, the logo on it, or, of course, the stats on the back.

Whether you share a birthday (Sid Fernandez), or a bats/throws combination (mine was Wade Boggs; bat lefty, throw righty), or even a hometown (Billy Koch) with a player, there’s always a little gem to be discovered.

Italics, of course, means that player led the league in that specific category. Anyone remember the back of…

Tim Ryder

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